Are you thinking about replacing your wedding ring with a silicone band but don’t know exactly why that would be a good thing? Let us explain:

  1. Safe from degloving – Silicone rings are flexible and they are designed to break under a lot of pressure in order to protect your fingers and remove the risk of degloving.
  2. Safe from anything else – These rings are also non-conductive and heat resistant and they don’t put in you in any danger.
  3. Don’t lose your real wedding ring in the water – You have no idea how many people lose their gold wedding ring when they swim in the pool or in the sea. The movements you make when you are swimming combined with the fact that your fingers get more slippery will make for the perfect conditions for the wedding ring to slip off. Just wear you silicone wedding band when swimming and you are all safe.
  4. It’s so light – If your engagement or wedding ring feels a bit heavy at times and makes you a bit uncomfortable (don’t worry, we won’t tell) you might enjoy how light and comfortable silicone rings feel. You will probably even get a bit scared at times thinking you lost it, but no, it will still be there, just very discrete.
  5. You can choose a different color every day – Silicone rings come in different colors so you have the luxury of choosing a new one every day to match your mood or your attire.
  6. You can wear it anywhere – There are so many places where you cannot really wear a tungsten, silver, platinum or gold ring because it will get ruined. A silicone ring is still classy but it’s under $15 so there’s no big loss if you ruin it at the gym. Silicone rings are perfect for firefighters, gym enthusiasts, electricians, construction workers, military personnel, mechanics, policemen and anyone who works with their hands.
  7. Keeps your partner happy – Show your commitment anywhere and avoid difficult discussions.